The Animated Adventures of Buffy

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Okay, well played.

Rachel Weisz for BVLGARI

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Doctor Who Cares? - A spinoff in which all is right with the ladies’ storylines and they take custody of the TARDIS every weekend to explore the universe together, defeating misogyny and laughing along the way


Black Sails coming in 2014 [x]


Idris Elba for the March 2013 issue of British GQ

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So, this is happening.
BioWare and Cook & Becker have partnered up to make official art giclées.


So, this is happening.

BioWare and Cook & Becker have partnered up to make official art giclées.

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Reblogging because HOT BIKE (I know, blasphemy!!)

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Zeus the son of Cornus//Idris Elba

But the will of Zeus will always overpower the will of men,
Zeus who strikes fear in even the bravest man of war
and tears away his triumph, all in a lightening flash,
and at other times he will spur a man to battle…

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We Should Make Out Sometime: Idris Elba

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OH! I HAVE TEAGAN PORN, TOO!!!!!!!! Well, right now, mostly what I have is just Teagan kissing screenies. But I could pretty easily come up with some honest-to-goodness Teagan porn if I had a good reason. :D And I’ve seen some WONDERFUL fanarts of him. There’s one of Teagan in a bathtub. ask;ds’f’fkdhfd;dfl;fdkldkjdf. Yeah. We need a Teagan porn week. Or maybe just NPC porn week, and hit them all at once? (Because I also have Maric porn. And loads and loads and loads of Loghain. Of course). 


I want to be greedy.

Hee! It sounds like we are forming a consensus here. There will be NPC porn in the future! Sadly, though, I have just discovered that my collection of Dodgy Duncan Porn screenshots has disappeared! The ones I thought were Duncan and Cailan and my Warden are actually Maric, Loghain and my Warden. I must have deleted the Duncan ones. BAD MOVE, WENDY! (Of course, Duncan/Cailan/Rhianna would be easy enough to recreate). Hahahahahahahhaha. 

The girl currently writing Teagan porn would be all for having an NPC porn week, thank you very much.


Did someone say Teagan and Porn?  *raises both hands*

I mean, NPCs?  Yes, I’m all for that.  Always.  But TEAGAN!

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