Rackhanne Appreciation Week - Day 5

 Favourite ‘third wheel’
Max • Jack Rackham • Anne Bonny
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you are n o t  s a f e

Joaniarty + terrible pick up lines (x)

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If you ever fail in your duty again, I will not be so lenient.

1x02 || 1x10

A man of indomitable c o u r a g e”  (Hook by J.M. Barrie)


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GET TO KNOW ME MEME → favourite relationships [2/10] » Guinevere and Morgana Pendragon

"She is more than just my maid. She’s my friend."

[These are] the little moments that Claire finds herself falling for him. […] These are the things that show…what great intuition he has…but also what a big heart he has…and that he was willing to take a risk to do something for Claire ‘cause he could tell that that was really upsetting her. So I think these are all the little moments where their bond grows deeper and the love starts to blossom.” – Caitriona

"I think it also shows that they work well together as a team, you know, that they don’t really have to plot or plan anything. It sort of just comes naturally to them. And, yeah, I think they work well together. They kind of enjoy that." – Sam [x]

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