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The Lannisters.

WESTEROS - Game of Thrones Parody of Frozen’s “Let It Go” (by Loot Crate)

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What I see:

Season 2: “Damn you ugly!”

Season 4: “You still ugly, but I’m really attracted to you and wanna do you so maybe you’re a Lannister!”

I ship it, okay!

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Are you sure we’re not related? Ever since I’ve returned, every Lannister I’ve seen has been a miserable pain in my ass, maybe you’re a Lannister too. You’ve got the hair for it, if not the looks.

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Brienne and Jaime, Game of Thrones, Season Four.

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and then we will k i l l them all


Moments when Jaime notices Brienne during A Storm of Swords.