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I use washboard for blacklisting on mobile and it’s really awesome

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Totally seconding Washboard. I’m typing you this comment on it right now.

naeko replied to your post: Tumblring on my phone for…! it’s tumblr savior for mobile devices. I rely on it SO HARD now. you need to set it up from your computer browser, though, or it’s a bitch to blacklist everything.

Alright all you Washboard folks, I’ll give it a shot.  It’ll at least get me the basics if it works.  I mean, it’s not going to hide my blocked posts, or repeated posts like xkit does, but savioring is a good enough start.  XD

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Oooooh. Im going to start tracking #world of thedas. In case you post anything else. :3

Everything is going there for tracking and/or blocking purposes.  XD

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Aveline looking for Wesley’s name on the memorial wall.

I love her face so much.


Aveline looking for Wesley’s name on the memorial wall.

I love her face so much.

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I only have one rare pair, and it gets the least hits. And then theres one thats not even a pair and got the most hits per chapter. Itd be really interesting to see a poll on AO3 browsing style - whether ppl filter, go to the da tag and so on.

I would definitely love to see a ‘how people got there’ look at stories.  Like website stats will usually show you, you know the last 50 or whatever entrance links to your site.  Knowing if people came through a tag or a link from someone’s rec list would be pretty cool.

Like this story I didn’t link anywhere, I just posted it - to an account I’m pretty sure no one’s tracking because it only has one story from like a year ago - and let it be.  (I keep a second account for… reasons that have nothing to do with stats/tracking.)  Anyway, the quick number of hits definitely make me wonder how people find it — if they’re tracking a character, or the fandom, or one of the other tags on the story.  

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They brought tag filtering back last week - must have added features as well? Ive never seen a stats page. (Do you mean popularity of pairings etc?)

I knew they were bringing filters back.  But there is an honest to goodness statistics page that I have never seen before.  Like my personal story stats.  Sort of like FFnet has.

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IF there coffee in my mouth itd have been all over everythingThe Makers creation has acquired a life of its own.

These are the kinds of services I provide.  You’re welcome.  <3

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foxghost asked: "Yellow, blue, violet"

Yellow and blue I answered for Defira just moments ago.  


I am a horrible fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants sort of writer.  I rarely take notes, or make decisions or any of that.  But the less I know sometimes, I feel like the better I’m able to get things down, because I’m just as excited to learn what the characters are going to do.

I almost ALWAYS have to be listening to music to write and usually I’m doing it while I’m waiting on something else.  Waiting for a report at work to run? Write a few lines.  Waiting for my turn in Civ?  Write a few lines.  Waiting for a commercial to end?  Write a few lines.

That said I do my best and most consistant work during lunch at work, or late at night.  There’s something about the knowledge that I have a very limited amount of time, or that writing is some sort of forbidden thing, that gets my brain really going. 

Generally speaking, late at night, with music going and absolutely no plan (only a vague idea), is when I do my best work.

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