There will never be a dawn that breaks the spell surrounding us.


Sarcastic Loki is my favorite.

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[♔] shadow and light, we are. twilight blooms in our wake.

[♔] shadow and light, we are. twilight blooms in our wake.


this was the best fucking sass in the movie


Two stars keep not their motion in one sphere.

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I wish I could trust you.
Trust my rage.

"I think Loki is so defined by Thor and in opposition to him, Thor is defined by Loki. They are these two brothers who love each other and hate each other, and need each other. They are Yin and Yang in a way." - Tom Hiddleston

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last year speed paintings, I feel like posting the whole set. the last one is new though~

and before you ask, the first pic is Odin with baby Loki.

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Something ugly this way comes
Through my fingers sliding inside


"Harokin! Warriors of Valhalla! Heed my call! Shall we live forever? Rise up, you great hearts! Draw your weapons! And follow me into Hel!"