naeko asked: "If there was a group of you, what would they collectively be called? Like a pride of lions or a bushel of turtles, but a _______ of you."

WELL, this is a stumper.  Because there are some really cool terms out there for collectives.  I mean, I could be a parliment, a congress, an intrigue, a skulk, a shrewdness, a flamboyance, a kaleidoscope, an implausibility, or even a loveliness or an enchantment, depending on how pretty I feel on a given day.  Enchantment would work well, because it would alliterate nicely with my name.  For that matter, so would Congress, if I wanted to use Cherith.  Or… how awesome would a Convocation of Cheriths be?

brewngames suggested a Clef (for its musical implications), or a Beaut (I suspect because he likes me), but eh… neither of those seem very strong to me.  

I kind of want to be an Element. Not only does it sound cool, but it alliterates with my name.  So I THINK that’s my answer: An ELEMENT.

(PS. Bonus points if you know what any of those are actually collectives of.)

posted 1 year ago on 02/26/13
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  1. stealyourshiny said: RAVENS. <3
  2. foundcarcosa said: i would probably collect in an ‘unkindness’ *cackles* (doesn’t sound good with my name but oh well, my name doesn’t sound good in plural anyway)
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