Track Title: Ö Är För Önskan (Ö Is For A Wish)

Artist: Cherith

Album: by Combination-nc

Not the last of the audio fics I think, but the last at least (that I know of) with letters that I did not know before I started these.  XD  This is the last entry in combination-nc’s Karl AlphabetÖ Är För Önskan (Ö Is For A Wish). This was also the hardest letter for me to pronounce (I think) hopefully Combo, you’ll think I did okay.  

Also, this by far the most sad entry I’ve read so far (though I did know that going in to it) and I’d like to read something much happier next.  If there is a next.

Anyway.  Enjoy!

posted 2 years ago on 07/03/12
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    Oh, my goodness. First, this is actually the letter you pronounced the most authentically - this is what an Ö sounds...
  2. wadebramwilson said: *GROSS SOBBING* Combo this is beautiful! And Cherinth you have read it with all of that emotion!!! ;_; :’(
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