PAX East 2012 - Dragon Age Panel (Part 3 of 3) (by Cherithe)

The BioWare Dragon Age panel at PAX East 2012 hosted by Jessica Merizan with (in order from left to right) Mike Laidlaw, David Gaider, Mark Darrah and Shane Hawco.

Apologies that the video cuts out at the end- battery went dead.  

Notes from the remainder of the Q&A:

posted 2 years ago on 04/08/12
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    I haven’t had time to watch your vids yet—was hoping to this morning but overslept—but yeah, Gaider won’t commit to any...
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    That’s not exactly what it means - the question was more specific to Asunder and whether either it or the comic would...
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    what i’m sorry i couldn’t hear you over the sound of “the silent grove is canon = king alistair is canon” scream joy