Bunnies by wonderdave  

A great, creepy, rabbity poem end to Easter.

Quick, I need someone to tell me if I should write this thing or not.  It’s going to define where the story hits a lowpoint.  It’s already tense, but… should I, shouldn’t I?  Someone, help me figure it out.

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I am the setting sun
And the dawning of the day
You are a turn of wind 
And the sands of time and space
Unbound by old belief - Uncle Lucius “Set Ourselves Free”

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United We Purge.  Watch the exclusive new trailer for The Purge: Anarchy. 

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You’ll make your real friends, Those cunning folks use any means To achieve their ends. 

You’ll make your real friends, 
Those cunning folks use any means 
To achieve their ends. 

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Bernard Black.

Bonus gif:



48/??? of Scarlett Johansson


48/??? of Scarlett Johansson
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stealing is my way of life. it sets me free in the night.




Pokemon Theme Tune sung as a 90’s R&B slow jam

Postmodern Jukebox is my favorite. They’re doing a new series called Saturday Morning Slow Jams reimagining Saturday/Sunday morning cartoon themes as 90’s R&B . Cannot wait to see what next Saturday’s is.


Scott Bradlee and Post Modern Jukebox are the best.


"Obstruction, escape, and theft. You sound a right dangerous character."

"Oh, I am that."

I cannot wait for the premiere!         

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"Delta must defeat other Big Daddies and take their Little Sisters, at which point he is given the option to either "harvest" or "adopt" them. Harvesting functions the same as it did in BioShock, whereas with the new "adopt" option, Delta puts the Little Sister on his shoulders, forming a temporary bond with the girl. He then must protect her as she extracts ADAM. The Little Sister will give him some of the ADAM she harvests from Splicer corpses as a reward. After the Little Sister has finished, Delta takes her to a Little Sister Vent, where he will have the choice of saving or harvesting her."
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Do you want to take a leap of faith?

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